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Todd demonstrates how spending down portfolio assets faster while purchasing life insurance with some of the spend-down can:

  • reduce taxes,
  • create more net spendable income, and
  • increase assets to heirs. 

Also discussed:

  • how a reverse mortgage can provide benefits for both the client and heirs;
  • how life insurance can be a “permission slip” to spend down assets in a more advantageous way;
  • why you should “build” the calculator with the client rather than explain a completed illustration.

How to show different payout timeframes on Distribution

Distribution Calculator

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Real Estate

Real Estate

Learn how to determine the rate of return (ROR) on both investment real estate and a primary residence. This calculator also shows the potential for an increased rate of return if one borrows against their life insurance cash value for the down payment.



The Accumulation calculator is highly customizable, allowing for variables such as earnings rate, term insurance, management fees, loads, and various tax structures (taxable, tax deferred, tax deductible and/or tax free).

Todd demonstrates how to use the accumulation calculator to:

  • create qualified plan analysis with employer match;
  • measure lost opportunity costs;
  • account for term insurance;
  • measure the impact of taxes and fees.

Comparing Taxable Vs. Tax-Deferred Accounts

Accumulation Calculator

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Diversification New Money

Diversification New Money

Follow Todd as he demonstrates how to simply show the impact of new money being saved/invested on the Diversification Calculator. This could also be a buy term and invest the difference story as well as an “impact of taxes and fees” story, depending on which order you chose to plug numbers into the calculator.